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Links to associated websites

Warwickshire 1- the Warwickshire County Record Office, in the county town of Warwick.

Warwickshire 2 - The fascinating Windows on Warwickshire site features resources from public collections e.g. Warwickshire Museum & Record Office, on many places in the county, including Farnborough.

Warwickshire 3 - censuses, parish records, BMD. There are now many subscription sites, while transcriptions of all the Warwickshire returns for four censuses are free to view and download. The transcription of the 1881 census for the whole of Britain is on various websites, probably the most efficient search being available on Findmypast, where no-strings-attached free is registration required. However, less information is given there than was originally transcribed in what was a volunteer project, for example, occupations are not included. The 1841/1861/1891 Warwickshire censuses come under the Warwickshire Ancestors Project, part of an ongoing British project including FreeCen, FreeReg (for parish registers) and FreeBMD, a transcription of the Civil Registration index of births, marriages and deaths for England and Wales.

Warwickshire 4  Pickard’s Pink Pages for Warwickshire is a treasure trove of online documents and links to many others. It hosts the Warwickshire census transcripts referred to above. A site very well worth visiting.

Warwickshire 5 The Littlebeams website for Warwickshire history and genealogy is the gateway to this site and to pages relevant to the Warwickshire villages of Cherington and Stourton, Farnborough, Snitterfield and Stockton.

Farnborough 1  - The Farnborough Parish Council website.

Farnborough 2 - names on monumental inscriptions. The site lists surnames only, alphabetically by name, and by parish, for the whole of Warwickshire.   

Farnborough 3 - the Victoria County History (VCH), in British History Online. Farnborough appears in The History of the County of Warwick: Volume 5, Kington Hundred, ed. L F Salzman (London, 1949), pp. 84-88. Online versions of the VCH give the whole text but not all illustrations, for copyright reasons. The text for Farnborough is fairly typical of entries for smaller places in that it is mostly devoted to the history of the manor and the church.

Farnborough 4 - at British History Online maps, the 1885-86 edition Ordnance Survey map of Warwickshire is free to view. Farnborough and Avon Dassett are on Warwickshire sheet 052/NE. The map which is available on the Maps page of this Little History of Farnborough is from the same OS edition.

ancestor-search.info is Suzanne & Richard Brown's handy non-commercial reference site offering guidance on where to find information on English and Welsh ancestry. It provides a wide range of links to sources of information both on and off line. Extremely useful pages for both beginners and experienced researchers.

Cyndi’s List is one of the largest directories of websites such as this one. It covers genealogy and local history worldwide, including hundreds of thousands of links. Inevitably as time passes some of these links are broken and not renewed, however, a new web location is sometimes findable from information given on the content.

In 2018 a particular problem is links to the thousands of pages on Rootsweb. Part of Ancestry, Rootsweb has over many years offered free hosting for genealogists and family historians, but is suffering from being hacked in late 2017 and family historians may have to wait a long time before all the content is back on line. All the Littlebeams pages were hosted by them until the “crash”. Updates on the situation are published on the Rootsweb home page.






Click on a selected icon to download a bookmarked pdf file or the small plain-text transcript.

Introduction, transcripts, notes on some inhabitants, original census images (2.7 MB)

As above, but without images (700 KB)              Potted transcript - plain text (6 KB)   

farnborough1821cen.pdf fbro1821cen-noimages.pdf farnboroughwar1821cen.txt


When this website was set up in 2005, three pdf downloads were made available. They contain the most important content on the Accounts pages, only lacking a few minor updates made since then. If you would like to save them, download all three and put them in the same folder, as they are bookmarked and contain links to each other. The three sections are: (1) Introduction to the accounts with a list of personal and place names recorded, (1a) Thomas’s ancestry, and (2) Images of the accounts, with annotated transcriptions.

Also of interest is a leaflet  on Knibb clockmakers, originally of Claydon, adjoining Farnborough. They were probably of a family that gave their name to fields mentioned in the accounts - “nibs clos” and “nibs grounes”.