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Thomas Elkington His Book  

Accounts 1758-9 of an estate servant to William Holbech of Farnborough Hall



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Accounts 2 - May to September 1758

Notes (1) possibly a crop, i.e. a whole whip with a loop instead of a lash; or                the handle/stock of a whip, without the lash (thong).

(2) Thomas abbreviates pounds to ll instead of the familiar lbs.

21 lbs@3½d per pound = 6s 1½d. 3½d (threepence halfpenny or “threppuns hape knee") is about 3p per kg, or very roughly £14 per kilo (£6.35 a pound) in 2017 values.

Notes (1) The figure under the blot appears to be 11 [shillings].

(2) Thomas hopefully makes this note where he should receive his wages, due at this time. In fact, they were not paid until the end of September. There are famous examples in eighteenth-century English history which show that those in seats of power were often notably lax in paying their underlings, irrespective of whether they had fittered away their fortunes or still had plenty of cash. They knew that complaints would generally not be forthcoming from employees in fear of losing their jobs in consequence.


    This total is for entries on the new bill, from July 20th onwards > 1-11-11


  Note (1) Could “Catcher” refer to a mole-catcher or a rat-catcher?