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19th century Ordnance Survey maps - the First Series map was viewed on and downloaded free from the website A Vision of Britain through time. The 1885-6 map was a free download from the National Library of Scotland site.

Parish Locator Download this excellent small freeware program to locate almost any place in the British Isles, if it is a parish. See the chosen parish on a local map, with magnification allowing the identification of named features such as streets and farms. List places in the surrounding area or all places in the county, and get them plotted on a simple chart relative to a target parish; calculate distances and directions between any two places. It needs no installation: just make a shortcut to the .exe file.  Go to website

This public domain map is a 4.8 Mb image from the 9th Edition of  the Encyclopaedia Britannica published in 1888 as the Scholar's Edition. It was made available by the late Malcolm Farmer.

1st Series O.S. map bef. 1844

OS 6-inch map ed. 1885-86

Aerial view of Farnborough

Warwickshire map of 1888

Area around Farnborough as shown on a modern 1:50,000 Ordnance Survey map