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Thomas Elkington His Book  

Accounts 1758-9 of an estate servant to William Holbech of Farnborough Hall


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Accounts 4- note, scribbles and list of personal and place names

(Above) Scribble and deleted jottings on the torn-off remnant of a page.

(Left) Note at back of book:

Toll   Richdson to Go to Cortelton to Sir James Dashwoods to play on olde Cristmas day.

This recalls the then recent calendar adjustment of 1752 when 11 days were omitted from the month of September to bring the calendar back into line with the solstices. January 5 1759 would have been December 25 1758 but for this change; hence its being referred to here as Old Christmas Day.

”Cortelton” is an indication of how Thomas Elkington pronounced the place name Kirtlington. The House at Kirtlington Park, a dozen miles north of Oxford, was built between 1742 and 1746, and in 1758 this new mansion was the seat of Sir James, 2nd Baronet Dashwood. The park itself was designed by the renowned landscaper "Capability" Brown. Kirtlington Park was built in an architectural style and with interior decoration similar to those of Farnborough Hall, and again, no expense was spared on the rococo plasterwork (picture, left). The 1930s saw the ruin of many upper class families, with great English houses demolished; the outstanding dining room interior at Kirtlington was possibly saved only by its sale to the U.S.A, where it forms part of the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art collection.

Today, Kirtlington Park boasts a flourishing polo club and is a popul ar venue for weddings and corporate gatherings.

Personal name

Barns, Charles

Blincon, Mr

Cauncey, Mr

Chaimberlin, Sir James (1)

Dashwood, Sir James (2)

Dury, Wm

Gooding(s), Mr


Heays, Mr

Herbert, Js

Holbech, Wm


King, Mr



Powys, Mr


Sharog, Mr

Shurley, his honer (3)

Smith, Anthoney

People and places named in the accounts


1758 Sep

1759 Jan

1758 May

1758 May

1759 Jan

1758 Nov to 1759 Feb

1758 Feb

1758 Feb

1758 ---

1759 Jan

1758 Jun & Sep

1758 Feb

1758 Apr

1758 Feb

1758 Jun & 1759 Jan

1758 Jul

1759 Jan

1758 ---

1758 May

1758 Feb


Field names:

kempsons G[rounds?], Mollington Closes, nibs clos, nibs Grounes (1), okel hill.


Oxfordshire: Adderbury, Banbury, Mollington, Rousham,

Sir James Dashwood's seat at "Cortelton" (Kirtlington Park near Oxford)

Warwickshire: Coventry, Eadington (Ettington), Edge Hill,

Kington (Kineton), Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwick.

(1) Probably Knibbs’ Close and Grounds.

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(1) Probably the 4th Baronet Chamberlayne of Wykham or Wickham Park nr Bodicote, Oxfordshire.

Sir James died in 1767 and the baronetcy became extinct in 1776. The family became related by marriage to the Dashwoods of Kirtlington who thus acquired ownership of Wickham and sold it at the end of the 1700s. It is now the site of Tudor Hall school and of the original buildings only a few remnants of stone remain.

(2) 2nd Baronet Dashwood (bef. 1724-1779), of Kirtlington Park, Oxfordhire.

(3) The seat of the Shirley family was Ettington Park, Warwickshire.