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Thomas Elkington His Book  

Accounts 1758-9 of an estate servant to William Holbech of Farnborough Hall



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Accounts 3 - September 1758 to February 1759

It is a pity that only on this last full page of the accounts does Thomas start to note the actual place where the hares were caught. It is interesting that no rabbits are mentioned; was this because the estate had a warrener who procured these by "farming" a local warren or warrens? Turkeys (see January 27th) were popular at the time - it is known that in the 1720s a quarter of a million turkeys were walked from Norfolk to the London markets in small flocks of 300-1000. Their feet dipped in tar to protect them, they started in August and fed on stubble fields and feeding stations along the way. Interestingly, both for Thomas and for an average family in the 1930s, a turkey would have cost around a week’s wages.