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A Little History of Cherington and Stourton devotes its last two pages to Weston, known at various times as Weston by Cherington and "Weston in ye Thistles" (!), and now part of Long Compton. This, the last Weston House, was demolished in 1934. It appears as a black speck in its vast parkland on the 1888 map of Warwickshire.

The Drawing Room at Weston House near Cherington. The house was rebuilt in 1827 in neogothic style by William IV & Queen Victoria's "special architect" Edward Blore, who completed John Nash's Buckingham Palace. His Weston House was pulled down in 1934 after slowly rotting since its last owner, the 3rd Earl of Camperdown, left in 1918.

Sir George Philips, 1st Bt., and (rt.) the 3rd Earl of Camperdown were both lords of the manor of Weston. The story of this quiet spot made famous by William Sheldon is told in the book "A Prospect of Weston in Warwickshire" (see A Little History of Cherington and Stourton, Bibliography). For a copy of this book inquire of the local Compton District History Society. For contact information, see the Long Compton village website.