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The Parish Church of St John the Baptist, Cherington, which dates from the early 13th century. Left, in 2003; right, as drawn in 1927 by W.A.Green. In her Little History of Cherington and Stourton, Warwickshire, Margaret Dickins devotes a chapter to the church. Most of the stained glass was collected by an 18th rector, Rev. John Warner. Some of it is said to have come from Winchester, and other pieces, mostly armorial, from the manor-house of Kiddington, Oxon. The oak front of the communion table was made up from a former reredos that was brought from the chapel of the first Weston House when it was pulled down early in the 19th century.

The primitive figure shown below, set high up on the outside of the east wall of the church, reputedly represents St John the Baptist.