Rambling routes in the Cotswolds and surrounding areas


Here are a few favourite walks, across some fine countryside offering many points of historical and cultural interest. The two non-circular walks (through the Rollrights and along the Glyme Valley Way) are designed to make use of local bus services.

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Name of walk
Brief description
15½ mi./25 km.
A great walk along the River Glyme from Chipping Norton to Woodstock, Oxfordshire. Can be walked in two or three stages.
5½ mi./9 km.
Visits Cotswold gems: a fine estate hamlet, a village which inspired famous literature, and a beautiful Jacobean mansion.
6½ mi./10½ km.
On the one-mile extension, the route passes Daylesford Organic, which has gained fame as the Harrods of farm shops.
5½ mi./9 km.
Start at Chipping Norton or Great Rollright. Lovely views over open countryside. Passes the prehistoric Rollright Stones.
5½ mi./9 km.
Start at the village of Avon Dassett or at Burton Dassett (a hilltop picnic spot). Panoramic views and an outstanding church.
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