A Little History of Cherington and Stourton, Warwickshire
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Part of the Sheldon tapestry map of Warwickshire. Long thought to be a 17th century copy, this is now considered to be the repaired 1588 original, which possibly came from the Barcheston works. North is not at the top of the map but to the left. The Warwickshire and Gloucestershire maps are the only two orientated in this way and it may be that they were thus designed to fit particular walls. For example, Weston (marked here with a red spot) is actually west of Cherington, while the little River Stour nearby is running from east to west. To the south lies Whichford Wood, which still supplies fuel to wood-burning hearths. North-east is Compton Wynates ("Compton"), where the Compton family have resided for over 800 years. One curiosity is a result of the Sheldon family being staunch Catholics, few of the great houses of Protestant families are shown on the map.

Part of the Sheldon tapestry map of Warwickshire